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Getting This, Too



My dad hates me racially, why can he sit there and be mean to me?  He's suggesting things because of Tim Burton's spiel, though I support him still.


It hurts my feelings when you disapprove of my dad.  You want him to be deranged and touchy feely.  We have to keep him healthy.  Pills have side-effects..  Don't worry about it, please.  This is an interesting post.  You disapprove of my dad, people.  That hurts my feelings.  You think he should be worse, and you don't give him a chance to open up and be emotional.  You shouldn't talk about it so carelessly.  What comes to mind??


She's there with her mechanized past telling us we aren't as good and she's just sitting in her chair like she's had a perfect past and our lives are never as good as we think and never better around her in a way or in some ways.


Why did Ellen lead a better life than us?

Hypnosis Pleasure

Someone could force you to act like you think something, but it's not possible.

I don't need this.

I don't need this. All I can talk about is that it's wrong.


Everyone is annoying me cuza that Ellen.


People won't stop provoking me to be had and wanna h*** them for not being perfect, like in looks.

My dad pretended to create a daughter for me and said, "Make it European."

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Ooh Scary

Today, my dad was acting scared when I acted like the Willy Brothers in Home on the Range from 2003-4.  I guess this is it!


Sorry for being so blunt about some people who were acting rather interestingly uppity.

A Whole New World - Topic

I notice that people who are older than me demonstrate liking people my dad's age, born 1950, as a dad.  I know that some age of guys really stimulates them.  I think it's arousing because the people born 10 years later are best.  I think though that people 5 years older [than me] are young enough to have someone Ellen DeGeneres's age as their mom.

Chopin - I mean Shopping.

I am gonna get 3 sets of clothes, I think I said, black tights and 3 3/4 shirts I found. Next week, I can get the new book by Jane Fonda on what it's like being a teen or younger teen maybe, even like for me it was preteen..

Was that okay?

I said getting a kick outta something?  More satisfaction in teaching someone a lesson?

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

Johnny Depp was on the show this time.  I found him to really be on it.  He seemed more positive and less depressed than Ellen DeGeneres.  I want to post to help myself and to others out.  However, I noticed Ellen DeGeneres likes to be like a baby, like no this is this and that is that.  She used to be able to not do that.  I came to the conclusion that Ellen DeGeneres does not give young people who look good a hard time, like age 17.  I'm 27, not 15 or 16.  In saying "a hard time" I mean like with me she often says no to a lot of things for no reason.  She seems to be demonstrating herself to what the teens should follow of her, yet she doesn't really care as much about them supposedly because she might get more a kick outta sad to say quitting the show, though she also might want some sort of relief as in rest.  I only hope that she could like take off a year and see how old she really feels.

My Belief

A friend is not someone who lets your body be ruined and makes you uncomfortable all day long.  There is always some excuse, but I don't live that way.  I think it religiously wrong.  Sometimes, I don't think there really is a reason.  I know other people don't get hurt just because no one hurts them.




If people were always picking at you like to start would you listen on the inside?  What about people thinking they can actually damage you by making a certain style of noise next time they make 1?  Psyching you as trash and death, like you never mattered?


You pretend to be mean to me when something is wrong to you and claim that it was just to say something.


You should not really be prowling me out for my language in the 1st place.  No one is close to me in my life. No one ever helped me out.

I meant..

..not many different things.

Nothing could make me more mad than..

..someone doing something cuz I thought of something inappropriate and to go overload in my brain.

Can someone explain

why Simon Cowell is acting like Ellen DeGeneres cuz it makes it seem tacky?  I only want what's best for him, that's all.  How could Ellen do this?  It's not right.  I think she wants me to chase him.  For some reason I don't know, I don't see it happening like this.  All I can say is he's Jewish.  :-|  I just mean I don't think he should act tacky so someone will chase him.  So, in essence, there's something bigger going on here.  I never stepped up and said I was better than Ellen, and I don't think that way.


You can't just get mad at me for my health.  I'm working on it!

If I had a better setup, I would have 0 problems.  Now, that's a fact to behold.  I am connected to those uncomfortable with me.



Sorry for my reaction to Ellen, but you think you can speak for her that I not watch the show when I'm makin' it.


I thought people down South had enough of themselves. LOL but sorry.


For people I said weird things to like brat, even if I didn't say who.

What Bothers Me @ Ellen

Like, a teenager will act all-knowing over me but still like they're so much younger, and Ellen makes a big deal of it like ooh.. you think such and such.. well, and yes.


Sorry, if a bad thought comes up that you don't like, but some things just happen I think, too.  They don't mean what you want to think!


In your deluded world, you think you can say whatever you want, like ooh I'm uncomfortable with something that's for Christina so I'm gonna make a move and do something like Christina is the 1 who doesn't know what she's doing and I'm insulted by her supposed success.

And for some reason a lotta people hold grudges against me.  Things hare not happy, they don't care about things and think someone said not to do them cuz that's what they wanna hear.  Now, you tell me to bow down to those younger than me all the time?


No one agrees. She just did that in case or because she sends messages, too.

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I forget the address! Gotta change it!
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Graying My Hair

I said I was ignoring the insults. Ellen sent the message suggesting skipping her Friday show.

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Is Ellen taking away from my opportunity in life?

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So, Friday's the easy day, the cutoff day, the 1 where it's just fun.  Ellen was having fun.  I think we should still watch Friday?


Getting Mad @ Ellen?

I only did that in my head when it came, I don't like to do that.  I claim not to be vicious about people.  I do that sometimes when I see them cuz they are annoying me.  I try to ignore those things now.  It can make you old, and so can worrying about things like this, like if Ellen wants me to watch Friday.  I think she does, but I mean she can speak to whatever crowd she likes!  I know there's a reason I'm feeling ticky LOL.

Ellen's Problem

I just had a revelation that with kids my age it's when they wanna act like she's older, like they want things that kids want with older parents, like ooh I am the Lion King king and I'm all rowdy and nothing should look pretty.  I mean, come on, she looks like she's born in the late 60s or 70s and is there for people born then at the same time, like a parent!


Ever since moving to Orlando, my parents have been teaching me little secret messages like if I do this they do that.  Orlando's shit.  Also, I know you all don't wanna do this.  If you play that game proves you're a "moron."


Also, I keep feeling unsatisfied, like maybe me trying to m******** won't cease my torture.  I saw Nell Burton's mom, Helena Bonham Carter, using Nell as PDA and not being very, I dunno, like getting a grip on her completely.  I know why, it's cuz her dad in The Nightmare Before Christmas had Jack go up on the hill and not make it his peak moment.  This has gone on a long time, and it's like following these things like a journal in my life.


I tried to sign into Twitter on Internet Browser and had to type in the password and it didn't work.

It does hurt me..

..@ watching on Fridays.  I think I even was told that that was a joke.  Now, that person watching will make fun of me for saying oh it's just a joke!  That's not what's important.  It's what the message was cuz if Ellen doesn't want me to watch Fridays, I mean it's her show.  Also, I got a wasteful message about me and Lily Depp watching over Nell like we're fascinated she's younger.  It doesn't work that way.  You judge by who they are.  You didn't say it in a nice way.  It was an annoying way like you said I would meditate on my cousin as spoiled or even at all! in a way that makes me look bad.  I don't feel ways like that, bad ways.  You guys all just keep bothering me, and it's like there was nothing to do most of the time.


Ellen doesn't like me.  I just had to transfer my blog today to a browser where I have to go in and edit something each time.  It's been awhile this time, too.  Ellen did it, she can't get mad and do weird things because of it.  I got wind I "can't watch" Fridays "cuza my dad" wanting weird things, too.

She keeps sending me insulting secret messages.  She started doing it on the show.  How is that okay?  I am nice to her.  I was just mad at the insults!  Someone else mighta done it.  If you know she did it, why don't you say something?  Why doesn't she?  I'm being ignored like I'm just a machine.  It makes me feel bad.  Other people have irritated me, as well, and it makes me wanna like squirm around in some way or hit something or h*** someone, often the 1 who did it.  Ellen says it's important to know she did it.  What is the point in that?  She also claimed it was cuz I was born when she wasn't 32 yet.  She thinks they shoulda waited, and I think she shoulda, too.  This person is not liking watching me and keeps saving the message like I'm not good enough if Ellen wants to read it.  Essentially, I don't care if she reads it, I wouldn't go berserk.  I wish my blog were something that people would wanna read.

Also, my eyes I've been playing with, and SHE is uneasey and playing them back to not be as pretty.  These are my eyes, and she said not to watch Fridays!  She didn't literally, but I am still gonna cuz I think she's kidding around with a vague message.  Supposedly, it's cuz my dad wants me on the weekend, but I'm too old to be in his own tutelage.  I am free to live in the world, whether it's working nights or weekends.


It hit me that I have a problem with anyone punishing me for cursing about being annoyed by the noises in my room.