Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring Back the Past

I will just consider that we are still in the same world and your precious teenagers are spoiled brats?  Remember, they just act up and pretend so much that the world holds no depth.  You're very wrong, I don't care how young your parents are.

No, I am not as tight as some, but I think I was affected with that.  I'm getting messages that I'm silly to think this and that silly should be applied to you in a different way.  I guess your teens are all in place.  I do care and want you off having fun.  I wish not to be mutilated.  I assume I came that way, but no one is talking to me telling me how to make things better and tapping into things.  I just got 2 new Twitters and am adding more people, so maybe things will start to mean something great for me, again.

Being Rude

You know, you guys being rude just to me doesn't prove anything good about you.

Like you act all assured in a goofy off-centered manner.

Why would anyone care about me having a hard thought?  Do you think I need this?  Isn't there anything to do for people?  I do wanna be famous but not like this.

About the Tickle

The reason it bothered me was cuz it seemed rehashed and against me.  I think it's a beautiful thing.  I just feel I don't even have a chance to be the age that I am.

Here's a more fun topic.

What is the idea that people already know me?  I didn't present myself that way.  I'm being careful now with pictures I post.  They think I am out.  They make fun of my features and get antsy and ^make^ others better than me saying it's ^because I did something^.  How did this happen?

Fair and Unfair

I was thinking of how tickled someone was by someone who copied me and act like they know everything @ places like the New Orleans area and for some reason deserve to be so tickled.  I hate being made fun of for that.  I don't think you just machine it out like it needs to be done, and I don't do it to get down and get it outta the way.

I just think of their inner tickle for people who could be their kids.  I don't know why you make someone to top me.  That's like making a manufactured good.  There's another tickle thought, no harm intended to any person.  I'm touching on what is and not making things up about someone.

That just so frustrates me, I am not really loved, I am flawed.  I am flawed because of things like age and my parents, and that is not right and you cannot say someone is over me just for the tickle, but I guess you can then.

Something came over me.

Hoping to Compensate for My Actions

I explained why I said what I said, and I'm sorry to say you misinterpreted and figured it was inappropriate for pointedly me and also like at this time especially.  I meant what I meant, I don't mean very inappropriate things.  I did say it possibly a few times.

You know, most people speak along the lines of this suggestion when they speak of this person or, as the person ^likes^, this "case."  I am sorry if it is not good for her, I assume it's something you'll wanna just be over with.

This is the sorta thing that people don't really care to discuss, as well.  It is suggestive and makes a mark.  I just figured this would help, to think @ my actions and apologize more, if possible.  It seemed best to nail down, but I recently learned not to follow my gut instincts.  So, forget @ it.. and I am very sorry.  I hope I sound sincere.  I realize I should just live my life and be happy and not get hung up in things.  I figured that at dinner, last night, in fact, strangely enough.

I feel pushed to feel submissive for it.  I do feel submissive in rank and stature, which seems to be something which may have been called for.  I do believe these people have a problem.  They seem to not wanna ever listen to me and not let me do anything, and then this comes up.  They do not wish to pay for their wrongs in society.  They want to think they are perfect and that people are jealous and wish they were them.  For reasons we do not wish upon them, this is untrue.  I mean, famous people have to be a way that people can think on without feeling surprised and shocked by the funny things you think they do.  Everyone is a mystery, you know.  We don't know.

I guess I will leave this relatively longer than most posts post here.  Yes, I can see I am improving in thought, but something came over me, as well, now.  I'll go ahead and post this.


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