Thursday, April 10, 2014



I felt outta control in my dad's care, especially keeping it inside, do not mean it.

I am trying to get out of my problem and ignore things.


The UFO crashed 1850 in Baton Rouge, LA.  Red, the size of a house, by a President and his assistant.  I think it got up after crashing.  It hovered above them.

Check this out.

1965 blackout in Pennsylvania.

Picture I Drew Yesterday


Alien show.

1965.  They show how much the adults care @ the little kids then.  UFOs, people working with machines.  Black and white!


I just finished watching "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

I am so uptight @ Johnny Depp coming tomorrow.


..what I said wasn't supposed to mean something obvious so wasn't bad.  Not a good idea, though.

Nell Burton

I always admired her and was interested in her from about the beginning.  Later, something happened, people thought I wanted to say something mean about her.  People were spying on me, things changed.  I was to blame, all the earth had heard of my shame.  I felt disdain and in much pain.  I could not help my past bitterness at the situation.

I was wondering your opinion on her - link.  She is just a nice girl, dunno why people go extra measures to instill feelings otherwise.


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Mister Cellophane

Why are these annoying people always noticing me? What's going on?
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My YouTube has done this before, but it got out of sync. This is rather disheartening.
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You are so worried you're wrong you do something bad to me. That older lady sounded like she said, "I'll be in on May." I just didn't like them being mean. You try to get me stimulated by bad things. You smile @ it. My life is worthless cuza you. You all think you ^have^ to be mad @ me. I almost think my birthday with Mom all May @ all the Disney parks is part of a joke your your idealizational punishment. My therapist said hi and I had earbuds and spoke low.. :( Was nice, otherwise.
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How long will she like singing like this?

You'd hope someone like her would be multi-talented in the arts using their talents.  I did that.  I really wanna be a movie actress.  That's why I lost my voice.  You know, ice skating to music helps.  Being active retains the voice.

Sad Mad Bad Fad Rad Tad

I am so mad.  I used to be able to sing like this little girl.

A Shout Out

I must apologize if you ran into certain immature post..  Take it as you will.

What a Big Thing for Us Parents

Think of the difference between Jackie Evancho and Amira Willighagen.

Amira Willighangen

Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho makes herself look like the generation of my age, but Amira Willighagen - she is a fresh new face of a fresh new generation, perhaps Generation Beta.  There is Generation Alpha as Jackie Evancho's generation.

It certainly is pleasant to hear someone that young sing.  I could sing as good as her.  I recently found I could sing okay still.  I'm not sure what to do, it probably isn't always okay anymore but used to be really good.

Defining Myself

I care @ others and how I act, but people sit on their hineys (butts) and dictate to me to do this and do that, like I need to make myself feel unattractive in order to foil (make others look good by yourself looking worse..) others!  I want to get it over with so I can have fun like everyone else, if that isn't too mean.
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My Facebook slid down and up so I saw it below 1st.  I used to live in Slidell.


By this last photo by someone else I saw 2 little shriveled babies hugging each other.  This person calls out on her generation as a certain style, but you aren't even considering how old my mom is and I'm not supposed to tell.


2 Boiled Eggs


This person is trying to mess with me, saying something big for me is nothing.  She thinks that I am wrong in how I feel about her sister, who is also listed as #1 on my Twitter.


You can't get mad at me for not being like someone who just sits there and does nothing but smile and answer the simple questions.  You think maybe you can point at my race, but here I am talking.  I'm not a monster.  Who knows who could be a monster?!  I don't seem to be.  You think that this person in my past was fine and I have the problem for talking about them.  Anyone would know that if I told them, but I was more patient in their presence and they simply stole all the attention.  You think I have attention now, but this person really was a problem for me in some way I've mentioned or something.  I remember people got mad at this person a lot.  Anyway, you are bringing it up just because of something I said and did not say how it was related to what I said, which seems to be true.  You just want me to have to deal with this, and what I deal with is like not needed to be dealt with.  You simply decided I was bad and the other person was good and bothered me.  Now, you think "I admitted it."  I said I don't agree, and it's about me.  I almost pressed something and now this thing keeps loading by it, and it reminds me of someone or something.


I don't want my blog to be filled with this, but I don't like these messages.  They are mean, did you forget?  And they are threats to my well-being.

More Messages

I said something and now they wanna trade places with someone @ me moving to the New Orleans area.  How *beep* is that?!  What I said I didn't mean anything that was bad.  It was about something bad.  You simply took it in stride and are wasting my blog space.  Then I got another message that someone wouldn't do something for me, like I'm a spoiled brat.  They just randomly say anything.  They have no right to spy on my and limit my options.  They are also joking that someone was never mean to me when they were a lot.  They like looked at me with a smile @ it.  I wasn't even the 1 being mad at this person in their face.  This person fought with me more recently in our relationship, at least twice, since I've been older.  This person always finds a way to get in trouble, and they mirror it to my situation, and that is far from the truth.  I got very little attention.

They won't stop bothering me.  Now, they said what does ^some number^ mean?  Like, I get less of something.  They are making me wanna hit something.  I think this is illegal.  You should stop or let me hit something.  They will get worse if I do, and it will put strain on me.  I tried to ignore it, but this is gone too far.  They just made it worse as I tried to mind my business.

They just said that a boy from England is like my opposite brother, and I care @ him.