Monday, April 14, 2014

IMDb - Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber

What hit me was the fact that Vanessa seems to have relatively spent less of herself to him than Amber. Vanessa is indeed delightfully especially prim and proper but perhaps unsettling too for someone of his type of a deep nature!

It's hard to say when people are with so many people and do not act like they'd ever break up.

All in all, then, my opinion of him with Amber is that she's incredibly poised and essentially very nice.

I have a feeling Depp still has a relationship of friendship with Vanessa and wishes the public not to gossip about his Vanessa and perhaps even is wary about how Lily is exposed going online on Twitter and her now-private Blogger.

I do not know how Amber got Depp's attention so completely over other fans or girls exactly, but I do sense that we have to admit he's strict on us for it and will punish us for being jealous of his time and attention. I wish I could talk about this with someone. You know, if we do something like we don't act or look right, every thing he does can make us wonder about ourselves. I hope I've said it polite enough and avoided major bumps in the road.

F.y.i. I used to curse on my blog but not to harm people, just to be funny and when made very hurt, which was very often. I hope you all don't think I've turned into a bad person by going online when I was 20.. because I wasn't when I got on..

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