Monday, April 14, 2014

IMDb - Johnny Depp

Here's the material I erased..

I thought people were supposed to remain celibate and not have children unless they're a really settled person and not like an icon, which is more than what a priest can take. Me, I think that it would make people jealous, if I had kids with anyone and I am not looking for a bf.

It truly kindles a fire in me if everyone goes off and has kids and never talks to me. I'm there to support it, but it's not something I believe in. Kids today look so childish. Perhaps, they want a baby sooner to make people wanna touch them and help them, and so the kid has a young mom. I know that Spanish people for instance can maybe age more quickly, though, so around 20 for colored people I'm guessing. All else I know is the perfect year for someone born around 1960 to have kids is the ^spoiled^ year of 1997-8.

I wish to offer my congratulations.

It is eerily a mystery that people are having kids like this, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp. They are closed up. I cannot say their children are as good as the 1s we used to hear about. Kids today are just a mess. Compare them to adults.

Johnny Depp should not be having more children. He already has Jack Depp.

Nothing wrong with having a kid. I just know he is doing it to punish people. That's a sin.


•Let's try to look at it from the other point of view. He has to be with a girl other than Vanessa.
•They must engage as they are both American- 
•They must have a baby!

It'll be 1 more face and bundle of joy in the world, and it will be perfect!

You gotta be honest, but you gotta be appropriate ultimately at least.. I agree with you that he flops, but I don't mean it in a bad way..

I'm a bit freaked out that he's having a baby rather than tending to his family and fans.

And, so, the key element is Vanessa took less of him than Amber insofar as her age is concerned and the fact that he has not met most of his fans.

Does anyone feel like not being a fan of him, anymore? I still will follow.

Please discuss this important event.. Depp's new child!

So, my main point of interest was that I noticed Vanessa seemed to have taken less with Depp than Amber Heard. Johnny Depp was so kind to Amber in his older age to always be with her when she wants and to even just stay and marry and have a blessed child. It's more difficult to get along with someone that much younger, but he did it with a lot of dedication. His thing with Vanessa now has proved to be a fling of the past, if that's alright. I am a big fan of his 2 children he already has!

Edit: I am so happy! I just get the feeling Depp is strict about this, like he's holding something special in.. like we did something wrong? I didn't get a vibe otherwise. Can someone explain to me if this in any way is justified, things of that nature that go against you?

Vanessa, definitely! I like Amber, too, of course..

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